Event-Driven Control for
Software-Defined Networks

Lithium is an OpenFlow controller that permits event-driven network control. Event-driven network control makes networks easier to manage by automating many tasks that must currently be performed by manually modifying low-level, distributed, and complex device configuration.

Lithium currently supports expression of policy in four domains that inherently capture many events: time, user, history, and traffic flow. Lithium can support policies that automatically react to a wide range of events, from fluctuations in traffic volumes to changes in the time of day. Lithium allows network operators to specify network-wide policies in terms of a high-level, event-driven policy model, as opposed to configuring individual network devices with low-level commands.

The user interface that runs on top of Lithium to allow home network users to manage their usage caps is called uCap.

Learn more about Lithium

The talk below describes an early version of Lithium (then called Resonance), which was presented at the Open Network Summit in Fall 2011. A more recent video will be posted soon.


Note: The Lithium controller is in an alpha stage. We are looking for contributors and participants, but we are not providing technical support for it yet.

More Information

Lithium and uCap are part of the BISmark project. Lithium and uCap run on top of the BISmark router firmware. These instructions explain how to flash a BISmark router.



We are also grateful to many other who are supporting the project through bug fixes, patches, research, and other improvements. We are indebted to the OpenWRT development team for their continuing support of BISmark.

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