BISmark is in beta: what this means for you

BISmark is still in "beta". This means that we are in the process of finding and eliminating bugs that may affect the functionality or reliability of the BISmark router or the BISmark measurement software. This document outlines "known issues" (problems that we are aware of and working to fix), along with tips to work around them, and the process to report other problems you experience.

Known Issues

Sporadic wireless dropouts, mainly on 5 GHz radio ("BISmark5")

We have observed very intermittent wireless failures for clients connected to the BISmark router. Clients typically lose connectivity by disassociating from the wireless network when they are far from the router, and connectivity is reestabilished by associating with the wireless network.



Reporting bugs and other problems

If you experience any problems other than the problem described above, please contact to notify us or seek help.

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