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1. Check your box content

Unboxing your BISmark router you should be able to check the following items:

2. Connect your BISmark router to the Internet

The connection to the internet is straight forward. Connect one side of the ethernet cable to your broadband modem and the other side to your router's internet port (figure 1):

Figure 1. First Step - internet connection.

You may connect the router to an existing home router, but we prefer you connect it directly to your broadband modem.

3. Connect your computer to the BISmark router

You can connect to the BISmark router via wired ethernet or wireless, just like most other home gateways. Your computer should be configured automatically by DHCP. The default configuration of the BISmark router's LAN is as follows:

Figure 2. Second Step - computer connection.

4. Configure your BISmark router

Start by visiting http://myrouter.projectbismark.net and clicking the "Configure your router" link. The default username and password are:

You should change this password as soon as is practical by navigating to "System" > "Administration" in the configuration application.

You should also change the passwords on the wireless network. Remember to change passwords on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio interfaces ("radio0" and "radio1" under "Network" > "Wifi" in the configuration application).

After making any configuration changes, be sure to click "Save & Apply" at the bottom of the screen to ensure your changes take effect.

4. Register your BISmark router

Before accessing the Internet using your BISmark router we require that you register your router. All attempts to access the Internet will redirect to a registration portal at https://register.projectbismark.net. Once you have logged in, make sure you click on Validate your registration.

Troubleshooting Guidelines

BISmark measurement indicator

Your BISmark router periodically measures the performance of your Internet connection. The router will light the amber WPS LED when a measurement is in progress.

Getting help

Please DO NOT contact Netgear or TP-Link customer support if you have problems with your BISmark router. Netgear/TP-Link will be unable to help you because of the special BISmark software running on the router. Please consult the documentation at http://projectbismark.net or contact bismark-core@projectbismark.net and we will do our best to help, though we cannot provide support for home networks, computers, or applications.

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